IBM PureSystems

IBM PureSystems


RevSoft has been an IBM Business Partner for many years starting as Partner in Development All Stars in 1999. Through that partnership, RevSoft has done extensive testing on IBM server platforms and been able to fully optimise the RevSoft Enterprise Solutions for the IBM environments. RevSoft customers benefit from this and are able to streamline and automate many aspects of their IBM based IT operations, improving availability and efficiency, and generally improving their return on IT investment.

The combination of the RevSoft family of Enterprise Solutions (REV DATAFLOW, REV GUARDIAN, REV MESSAGE, REV SCHEDULER and REV VIEW) and IBM PureSystems moves us to a new era of commercial computing systems. With this combination, businesses can simplify deployment and ongoing operations of the RevSoft solutions. Accelerating implementation times and reducing operation and maintenance efforts result in fewer IT resources needed, lower costs, and a faster time-to-value.

All the RevSoft Enterprise Solutions operate natively on all the Operating Systems available so it does not matter if you are running one, all or a combination of the Operating Systems, in the IBM PureFlex Systems, as the RevSoft Enterprise Solutions will be available.
IBM PureSystems are a new class of expert integrated system that combines the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance. Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT. For more information, please visit

RevSoft has now enabled and validated the RevSoft family of Enterprise Solutions on the IBM PureFlex System. Optimisation on IBM PureSystems will empower our joint customers to realise improved time to value with faster deployment. Consolidated servers and application workloads achieve efficiencies in resource usage, improved performance, and reduced management complexity.

The PureFlex System is a full infrastructure system with integrated expertise. This IBM offering provides you with an integrated computing system that combines servers, storage, networking, virtualisation and management into a single structure. The built-in expertise provided by the PureFlex System helps organizational leaders simply manage and flexibly deploy integrated patterns of virtual and hardware resources using unified management. Efficiency and operating agility help support business leaders who wish to rapidly deploy IT services at a reduced cost.

The combination of  the RevSoft family of Enterprise Solutions and the IBM PureFlex system will provide all of the benefits that our customers have enjoyed by using the RevSoft products on traditional platforms for many years – plus better time to value, a simplified experience and reduced IT complexity –  without compromising flexibility.