Email JDE executed UBEXML pdf’s.

Email JDE executed UBEXML pdf’s.

REV SCHEDULER can now send emails (using REV MESSAGE) to personnel after execution of a UBEXML and send the pdf generated as an attachment…

ORACLE DataBase Support.

All RevSoft modules on LINUX, UNIX and WINDOWS now can use a Local or Remote ORACLE DataBase.

Run REV MESSAGE Dispatcher as a Service.

REV MESSAGE Dispatcher now can operate as a Service on WINDOWS as well as the original interactive version. There is also a REV MESSAGE Dispatcher Client that allows you to manage the REV MESSAGE Dispatcher Service from your desktop.

REVUBEXML extensions.

REVUBEXML now has support for -F for use with the User and Password. /USER=-F /PWD=”#USR_JDE_PATH” /PWD can contain a file path or a REV SCH User Variable name.

Web Thin Client – REV MESSAGE

RevSoft Web Thin Client allows you to view the Host and Enterprise Message Consoles on any web capable device – e.g. Smart Phone, Tablet etc., You can Reply to iSeries messages, acknowledge messages on all platforms etc., from anywhere that you have an Internet connection.