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IBM i (iSeries) Disk Management DASD made easy

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RevSoft does not use Log4j
(December 15, 2021)

ORACLE DataBase Support
(July 24, 2018)


(February 21, 2023)

REV DISK Sending data to Focal Points.
(February 21, 2023) (5:27)

REV DISK Thresholds.
(February 21, 2023) (4:11)

REV DISK Libraries for Detailed Analysis.
(February 21, 2023) (8:13)

Let REV DISK Answer your IBM i (iSeries) DASD questions:.


How many are there?

What are the Top xxx Libraries by Size?

What is the rate of Growth of the System and the Libraries?

When have libraries been Created and libraries Deleted.


How many Directories are there?

What are the Top xxx Directories by Size?

What is the rate of Growth of the System and the Directories?

Are there any Damaged Objects on the System?

How is my Unused Space tracking - Historically?

Have REV DISK Dynamically manage Disk Growth

Set User Defined Thresholds that are checked every minute for:

  • Overall Disk Usage,
  • Growth within the minute.

And Execute predefine Scripts to take Action.

Define Libraries for extra detailed analysis

Libraries that are defined for detailed analysis will register the size of tables and you can track the growth down to Table level.

Define an Application

An Application is a User Defined list of Libraries and/or Directories that you can:

  • View History of,
  • Extrapolate growth with What If percentage growth occurred.

Track the IBM i (iSeries) DSKINF Historically

REV DISK can capture the IBM i (iSeries) DSKINF details that will store it so Historical graphs/data can be reviewed.