Guardian Watches Your Corporate Network

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Product News

RevSoft does not use Log4j
(December 15, 2021)

ORACLE DataBase Support
(July 24, 2018)


Enterprise Operational Environment Integrity

Ensure the integrity of your Operational Environment by having REV GUARDIAN periodically run Checks and based upon the status (True or False) execute Actions.


An Assignment periodically runs Check Lists that will Pass or Fail and based upon the completion status will execute an Action List.

As REV SCHEDULER® is exactly the same model, it runs natively on all platforms

The same Windows .NET User Interfaces are used for all platforms:

  • Guardian Definitions – to define Assignments, Check Lists, Calendars, Security, LDAP, Environments etc.
  • Host & Enterprise Operations – to manage as well as see and hear all Assignments as they are being detected and processed.
  • Engine – to configure, add systems and migrate data.

One education plan fits all Operating Systems

You control the database locations

The ONLY platform that must have a Local database is iSeries as every i5OS installation has a DB2 instance. On every other platform YOU are in TOTAL CONTROL of the database locations – which can be Local or Remote.

At RevSoft we do have a simple rule:

A Mission Critical server should have a Local database – as long as the Server is up the RevSoft Application Tasks will be executed.