RevSoft Architecture

RevSoft Decentralized Model All RevSoft Applications are designed to run on your existing Hardware.
There is no Additional Hardware.

Even though RevSoft Applications run in a decentralized manner REV VIEW allows the Applications to communicate If and When required on any and all Platforms.

This is why RevSoft Applications are ideal for Cloud instances.

The only platform that must use a Local DB instance is the IBM iSeries where DB2 is part of the firmware.
On all non IBM iSeries servers the Users are in control of the:

  • Database Type,
  • Database Location.

If it is a Mission Critical Server and you have:

  • A Local DB,
  • The Server is Powered Up,
  • The RevSoft Application Active,
The Functions will be Performed as all the required data is on the Server.

One of the perceived strengths of the Centralized model was that you could view all the Corporate Data on a Single Panel.
Other Centralized Console

RevSoft Decentralized Console In RevSoft you can direct where the Corporate Data will be viewed - so you can have Single Panel(s) on as many Servers as you require - not just a Single Panel.
In RevSoft you can set up as many Focal Points as you require and they can be:

  • Divisions,
  • Locations,
  • States,
  • Customers,
  • Zones,
  • Countries,
  • Sites,
  • Platforms,
  • Continents,
Basically any Views that you require.

We normally refer to the Global Enterprise View as the 'big circle' and all other views as 'smaller circles' and in RevSoft you can have as many 'big circles' and as many 'smaller circles' as you require.