We refer to Engines as Decision Makers and Agents as Task Executors.

In a Centralized model All Decisions were made on the External Engine – whereas in RevSoft All Servers are the Decision makers.
Other Centralized Model
In RevSoft Applications there are no Agents only Engines as the RevSoft Engines Execute the Task and then immediately make Decisions based upon the Task Execution completion status.
RevSoft Decentralized Model

All updates in REV SCHEDULER are dynamic and take effect immediately and this removes the need for such things as 'Roll Outs' and 'Emergency Roll Outs'.

This cuts down on Network Traffic decreasing decision time and increasing throughput as well as increased efficiency and accuracy.

In this example on a very small IBM iSeries a Job completes at 10:18:02.768139 and this is to Trigger 10 Local Jobs with the last one submitting at 10:18:04.684077.
In the space of just under 2 seconds (1.915938 sec) of the completion of the job that sets the Trigger 10 Jobs have been submitted.

Trigger Jobs

In REV SCHEDULER you can 'Publish' objects to multiple servers allowing for a Definition to be broadcast and applied to other Servers - such as defining a Calendar, Variables, Jobs etc., on one Server and Publishing it to multiple Servers (regardless of the OS).